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Rekonstruierte/Experimentelle Kulte

Sonntag, 21. Januar 2018

The japanese Shape-Sign-Ritual (Katashiro)

This is a simple cleansing ritual from the japanese Shinto-religion. It will help you getting rid of a heavy feeling and karmic ballast and supports inner balance. Bad karma can be like a black substance inside of us, which will disable you with time from practicing your spirituality normally. This karmic waste do not have to be your fault or the direct result of what you have done. It can also be a trace of someone else with a very strong and dark karmic pollution, who just passed your way.

Why is this Shape-Sign a T-Shirt made from paper?
I simplified and modernised the original Katashiro, so that everyone in the world is able to perform it in a short amount of time. The T-Shirt is a very common clothing in every western (or western influenced) country which can be seen in the streets every day,  that's why it fits in the criteria of the original ritual. The japanese Katashiro uses real white clothes which will be destroyed and that may be too impractical and expensive for most mordern users. So this is a low-cost option I invented.

Participants: 1 - ∞

  • you will need pencils, paper and scissors - please use eco-friendly paper and pencils if possible 
  • cut out the shape of a T-Shirt in the size of 8 x 5 cm (body), 11 x 1,5 cm (arm) - one shape-sign for every ritual participant

Main Ritual: 

  1. Each participant takes one shape-sign (T-Shirt) and a pencil
  2. Everyone write his/her own name and birth date on his/her shape-sign to build up a deep connection to it
  3. Visualise and imagine all negativity, everything bad and impure inside of you, every weakness and fear as a black smoke or substance
  4. Exhale the black smoke of negativity on your piece of paper. Also use your sweat and saliva to get rid of the bad karma, until your shape sign looks dirty and you feel better
  5. Plunge the shape sign in your toilet (if possible), a pond, lake, river or dig a hole and bury it. Nature will neutralise the bad karma with time. 
  6. Wash your hands with water and natron

Another way to get rid of negativity, bad karma and isfet: