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eine Fülle an Seiten und Artikeln voller vielfältigster, ungeschönter Realitäten jenseitiger, wie diesseitiger Natur... wissenschaftliche Klarheit und Offenbarung wird eins; und das ganz ohne dogmatische, monistische Absichten oder gar Absolutheitsansprüche.

Rekonstruktionalismus und Technismus lösen hier mystische Geheimniskrämerei ab.


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Rekonstruierte/Experimentelle Kulte

Donnerstag, 5. November 2015

Osiris-incantation to cast out evil spirits and bad moods

Sokar-Osir by Poeta Immortalis

"I am the flame enlighting the night. I am Osir-Chontameni, lord of the great beneath and my heart burns like the Eye of Horus at the brightest day. Truly I am the one of Djed and evil shall fear me. The light of Osir-Chontameni casts out the darkness, turns it into the purest essence of Ma'at. My light casts out all spirits of Isfet, destroys the lion-demons, burns away the ones who take away the hearts of happiness. You have no power, your existence is a lie, because I am Sokar-Osir, the Lord of Rosetau and my voice of iron will judge upon the spirits of false tongues. You are condemned, spirit of darkness and this child of Ra is now free. You will never have power on his/her heart, because she is protected by Osir-Chontameni. I am the flame enlighting the night."

All Copyrights by Poeta Immortalis
Be free to use it in rituals.

For a similar text, showing Osiris as god of fire, read chapter 69 in the book of death.